Friday, March 29, 2013

The Beach

Monday March 11, 2013


We couldn't go to Florida and not hit the beach so Monday was Beach Day.  We headed down to Holmes Beach which was close by and completely packed.  We headed a few blocks down the road and found a side street with beach access and headed down.  The beach was beautiful and the day was warm, though a touch breezy.  The boys got good and wet, playing in the surf, searching for shells and    sand dollars.  The water was cold, certainly too cold for swimming and even walking along the shoreline left my feet achy.  But still.  It's Florida and it's the beach.

Daniel was up to his same tricks again, harassing the waterfowl.  He would chase off the groups that congregated nearby in the sand.  But he got a bit of the same back from the birds at one point when some of the snacks we had brought with us spilled out of the bag.  With salty snacks on the line our feathery friends become significantly more bold and this time it was Daniel that was scurrying off.

We also got a fun little show.  Down the beach a few hundred yards there was a young girl with a couple of hula hoops.  She was doing something like this: Hula Dance.  It was pretty cool.

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