Sunday, March 10, 2013

Getting There

We headed out, packed with everything we thought we might need.  The new SUV is a bit more spacious than the Caravan was so everyone has a bit more elbow room.  Our first adventure, before even leaving Burlington was a trip to replace the DVD player I had picked up for the journey.  The power plug for in the vehicle was broken; rather than just swap out the part we had to swap out the entire unit.  That meant we had to set up the whole thing again - straps to attach the screens to headrests, plastic wrap removed, etc.  And then we almost departed with TMNT (that would be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) still in the old player.  Signs of things to come?  Naw.

 The drive on Friday night was mostly uneventful.  As always we reminded the boys of the significance of the New River Gorge Bridge as we crossed it.  (For the uninitiated, the Judi and Rob mythology first  began on a rafting trip that took us under this same bridge.)  The plan was to push forward as far as possible, knowing we would wrap it up somewhere between Pittsburgh and Charlotte.  We finally settled on Beckley, WV as a place to stop for the night as it was 11pm, I was too tired to take another driving shift and Daniel, wide-awake, was "Are-we-there-yet?"-ing Judi ceaselessly.  It was time to saw it off and call it a night.  It also isn't a tonne of fun to drive through the hills of West Virginia in the dark.   During the day is another matter entirely.

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