Sunday, March 10, 2013

Of Geckos, Geese & Gatherings around the Pool

Sunday March 10, 2013

The Great Gecko Hunt Begins
After a good night's sleep we were up and at it.  The day was beautiful - sunny and hot with a breeze.  The boys were on the hunt for geckos right out of the chute.  One of the neighbours provided a couple of butterfly nets and they were off, running around, looking in bushes and lurking behind trees, looking for opportunities to pounce.  Many sightings.  None captured.

We also spent some time at the pool, swimming and sunning.  The boys used the occasion to charm the residents.  They finagled some snacks as well as a gecko egg (sans gecko).  And they got lots of laughs and compliments.  It was really nice to get into the water; I hadn't realized how much I missed swimming until I got into the pool.  The water was fantastic and for the first hour or so we had the entire pool area almost entirely to ourselves.  Even later in the afternoon as people began to drift in it was still never what you would call busy.  There were never more than about fifteen people hanging around at any time.  And everyone was really friendly and it led to a good visit.

We rounded out the day with a walk down by the lake where a variety of geese and ducks make their home.  Daniel spent his time stalking a group of Muscovy Ducks.  He got to within about five  feet of the final bird before it finally tired of his presence and flew off into the night.  The noise from the beating of its wings was substantial and sent Dan-Dan scurrying in the opposite direction.
Everyone should sleep well tonight.  Except maybe the geese.

Tomorrow we plan to hit the beach.  It is supposed to be another sunny day so it should be a good day for it.  Again, the neighbours were good to the boys - someone dropped by at dinner time to lend them some toys for at the beach.  Tomorrow will be about shells, surf, buckets and shovels.  It should be another good day.

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